Coaching and Training for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

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As a fellow Empath and highly sensitive person (or "HSP" as is now commonly known), throughout my own journey I’ve encountered 5 x key stages that, upon further research and study, we all seem to go through at various stages of our lives. My coaching and training services for Empaths and highly sensitive people are a culmination of all the life experiences, challenges and obstacles that I've encountered and addressed, both since finding out that I was a highly sensitive and before. 

Stage 1 – “Am I An Empath or Highly Sensitive Person?”

When we first encounter the term “Empath” or “highly sensitive person”, it’s often after having a lived a number of years knowing that we are inherently ‘different’ to others. For some, being able to validate themselves, their acute emotions, their complex personalities and their energetic signature, while realising that they’re not going mad (at all), really is liberating and refreshing. This is the crucial stage of initially asking ourselves “Am I really an Empath or highly sensitive person?” and soon after, there comes an understanding that this is the beginning of our journey and not the end

If you haven’t yet taken my free Empath and HSP traits test (including astrological indications), please go ahead and take it now - if you resonate with the statements made, it's highly likely that you are an Empath or highly sensitive person.

If you're new to the terms "Empath" or "highly sensitive person", you can find out more about what an Empath or HSP is.

Although this is NOT a coaching package, knowing that you resonate with the terms "Empath" or "Highly Sensitive Person" (having taken the test) is the key first step in acknowledging your gift(s) and will enable you to explore all the services and coaching packages that I offer, to help you on your unique spiritual journey.  

Stage 2 – “I’m a Newly Awakened Empath / Highly Sensitive Person - Now What?”

If you’ve recently found out that you’re likely an Empath or highly sensitive person and you’ve just started taking your first steps on your own spiritual journey, you may be feeling uneasy about what steps to take next or which pitfalls to avoid. 

I can help you navigate your newly awakened path, wherever you need extra assistance.

My Newly Awakened Empath or HSP coaching package has been put together just for you, based on overcoming the challenges that other Empaths and HSP’s (including me) have faced.

Stage 3 – “I’m an Empowered Empath or HSP - I Need Support”

If you’ve moved through the “newly awakened” stage and are in the process of embracing your high sensitivity and developing your beautiful gifts, you’re likely processing the realisation that you’re accountable for standing in your own power. You may need support in structuring your new way of living or require guidance through this critical period of your life.

I can help you fully embody your life as an Empowered Empath or HSP.

My Empowered Highly Sensitive Living for Empaths and HSP’s coaching package has been designed to help you overcome challenges and develop new ways of thinking, that being “empowered” requires.

Stage 4 – “What is my Soul-Calling or Life Purpose, as an Empath or HSP?”

As an empowered Empath or highly sensitive person, have you ever looked up at the stars and wondered what your life purpose is? Why are you here? What message, theme or role in life did you agree to fulfil, before you were incarnated on Earth? With our natural skill and deep capacity to guide or care for others and our ability to help others heal themselves, which vocation (or recreation) best suits your energetic blueprint, aspirations and soul evolution?

I can help you live in harmony and universal flow by exploring and finding your soul-calling or life purpose, using the same numerology or astrology (or both) research techniques that I used to find mine. Although this is NOT a coaching package, I consider this a key step in your evolution as an Empath or highly sensitive person, hence why I've included this service here. Knowing your life-purpose or soul-calling will enable you to progress in the direction that your soul came here for.

Stage 5 – “I Want to Start and Run My Own Small Business! Where Do I Start?”

Have you dreamed of being your own boss? Are you currently working in a toxic work environment or an environment that doesn’t meet your creative or heart-driven needs? Empaths and highly sensitive people often prefer working for themselves because it allows them to design their own products and / or services around their ethics, values, morals and their insatiable need to honestly and sincerely help or guide others.

Having previously already started and run a successful business as an Empath and highly sensitive person, I can help you do exactly the same. I can help you overcome the challenges and blocks, while avoiding the pitfalls of working for yourself.

My Starting and Running a Small Business for Empaths and HSP’s coaching package will help you achieve your vocational goals by showing you how to express your authentic self and by sharing your core skills and gifts with your soul tribe - those dear souls who are waiting for you to express your Divine purpose. 

Further Help

If you’re not sure which coaching package is for you, either contact me or request a discovery chat, so that we can discuss your journey so far and the ways in which I might be able to help you.

Alternatively, find out more about me, read testimonials from others who have worked with me or review my code of conduct for working together with you.

I am a certified Vedic Astrologer, Numerologist, Chakra and Auric Healer, Sound Healing Advisor and Spiritual Life Coach for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People (HSP) and a Silver Member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists (IAHT).

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